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About O’Reilly Wealth Advisors

O’Reilly Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor that utilizes the latest strategy development and implementation techniques to help individuals realize their financial goals for the reasons that are important to them. We bring meaning to our clients’ financial planning experience using an approach called Values-Based Financial Planning. We also provide 401(k) plans that reside at the highest level of fiduciary care currently available. As an independent registered investment advisor, we have created a top-notch service delivery team with hundreds of years of experience who are technically competent, compassionate and service-oriented professionals. Our team covers all the disciplines needed such as and not limited to estate/corporate attorneys, certified financial planners, insurance experts (life, long-term care, and other specialties), tax strategy/CPAs, asset managers, ERISA Section 3(38) Advisors, schedulers and client service managers.

What makes OWA different?

We were designed from the ground up to give our clients the highest probability of success for the reasons that are important to them. From our motivating Values-Based Financial Planning approach to our selection of our service delivery team members – each business decision we make must pass the test: “does this increase our clients’ probability of success?”

Terms You’ll See on this Web Site

Values-Based Financial Planning
When you have articulated the meaning behind each of your tangible financial goals – the financial planning process comes alive. Many clients consider this visioning process to be as important, perhaps more important, as any other aspect of our work together.
Process-driven for client’s success
We’re in the business for the client’s success which is why we require proven processes to be followed. The vast majority of financial service providers are product-centric not process driven. See “Comprehensive” below.
Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)
We chose to form an “RIA” since they are held to a fiduciary standard of care which is best for our clients. Independence means we are free of conflicts-of-interest in our investing business. We also have numerous checks and balances built-in further protecting our clients.
We provide multiple levels of comprehensive service. Our top level service, which we call “World Class” includes our client’s situation being reviewed against a checklist that is literally 7 feet long. Our clients’ tax projection documents, tax returns, estate planning document package and every single insurance policy is reviewed annually by third party experts, just to be sure that nothing is amiss. We anticipate and addressing every risk, threat or obstacle to the achievement of their tangible financial goals.
The key to long term investing success is diversification. We build highly diversified portfolios matched to each client’s risk tolerance, goals and time horizon. As our portfolio building blocks, we choose to use the low expense ratio highly diversified and precisely managed funds of Dimensional Fund Advisors. Our clients enjoy perhaps the most diversified portfolios on the planet, with exposure to over 11,000 holdings, 40 countries and 16 asset classes.

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