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Financial advice better from a fiduciary than a broker
San Diego Union Tribune
From $1 to $1 billion it makes sense to use an RIA (registered investment advisor) with fiduciary responsibility rather than a broker, who has a much lower level of responsibility, as well as built-in conflicts of interest.

When buying financial advice, ask about commissions, fees
San Diego Union Tribune
Use a fee-only RIA model that aligns the interests of the advisor with yours.

Some pitfalls of searching for a financial planner
San Diego Union Tribune
Key Point: Use advisors that use DFA funds.

The benefits of index funds, and a Web site to bookmark
San Diego Union Tribune
Passive investing routinely outperforms active investing. On your own: Build and occasionally re-balance a portfolio of diverse passive funds. If using an advisor: Use one that uses DFA funds to build and re-balance portfolios for you.

50 years and counting for S&P's index of measuring growth
San Diego Union Tribune
Benchmark your actual investing performance; S&P 500 is a good general one to use. Only benchmarking over long periods of time, greater than 5 years, is meaningful.


Values-Based Financial Planning

A Handbook for Investment Fiduciaries


Foundation for Fiduciary Studies

Centre for Fiduciary Excellence

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Post Equifax Data Breach Ideas

We are not claiming to be experts. We think you will find this a handy starting point. Clients: Most of you have all or some of your accounts held at the TD Ameritrade institutional custodian. Know that we get immediate around the clock notifications of money and securities moving in or out of your accounts. We are notified of new accounts, transfers and closed accounts. If you think that your data has been compromised and are concerned, you can call TD or us and ask for your accounts to be placed in “Loss Prevention”. That means that TD will flag your accounts into a heightened mode of scrutiny. This will also add an inconvenient layer of extra bureaucracy when you want to legitimately access your account. Are you suspicious that you data has been compromised and your identity has been stolen? Then you should call the credit bureaus and ask that they “freeze your credit”. This will prevent the person(s) who potentially stole your identity to purchase big ticket items in your name. Here the bureau numbers for your convenience. Equifax (CBI) (800) 685-1111 Experian (TRW) (888) 397-3742 Trans-Union (800) 916-8800 Paid Protection Services: What about paid protection services like LifeLock? We think these services are worthwhile. It’s best to protect yourself with preventative measures and then LifeLock will help if someone takes advantage despite your good practices. Importance of Passwords: There seems to be no shortage of hackers these days. It’s very important that every password is “strong” and is changed at some regular frequency. It’s easy to get lazy. I recommend that you calendar your password changes so... read more

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