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Financial advice better from a fiduciary than a broker
San Diego Union Tribune
From $1 to $1 billion it makes sense to use an RIA (registered investment advisor) with fiduciary responsibility rather than a broker, who has a much lower level of responsibility, as well as built-in conflicts of interest.

When buying financial advice, ask about commissions, fees
San Diego Union Tribune
Use a fee-only RIA model that aligns the interests of the advisor with yours.

Some pitfalls of searching for a financial planner
San Diego Union Tribune
Key Point: Use advisors that use DFA funds.

The benefits of index funds, and a Web site to bookmark
San Diego Union Tribune
Passive investing routinely outperforms active investing. On your own: Build and occasionally re-balance a portfolio of diverse passive funds. If using an advisor: Use one that uses DFA funds to build and re-balance portfolios for you.

50 years and counting for S&P's index of measuring growth
San Diego Union Tribune
Benchmark your actual investing performance; S&P 500 is a good general one to use. Only benchmarking over long periods of time, greater than 5 years, is meaningful.


Values-Based Financial Planning

A Handbook for Investment Fiduciaries


Foundation for Fiduciary Studies

Centre for Fiduciary Excellence

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Is Bitcoin a bubble?

Some investors have raised the question: “Is bitcoin a bubble?” This is somewhat like asking whether Taylor Swift makes records, or Kim Jong Un likes rockets. But let’s look over the evidence.

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401(k) Social Media Posts November 2017

Dear Readers, Enjoy all of our social media postings in one place for those of you not following us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Useful to all especially 401(k) plan sponsors. Not a plan sponsor? Share with your favorite 401(k) account holder or plan sponsor. 11/6/2017 (retweet) Evaluating a fund? Never mind its star rating; go straight to the total expense ratio, says @John_Stepek ow.ly/qIUS30gnhh8 11/7/2017 #401k #fiduciary #EvidenceBased investing small 401(k) plan high fees NOT necessary & get higher quality too ow.ly/u1gs30gn2dZ 11/8/2017 Plan Sponsors: excellent recorded webinar #401k “#fiduciary& fees” by ERISA attorney at partner’s site #SHRM credit http://ow.ly/SYJk50f2aZX 11/14/2017 #Cybersecurity & #401(k) Plans: team up with advisor/providers, create & document procedures, demonstrate prudent #fiduciaryprocess. no surprise there. ow.ly/ebHb30gvRy8 11/15/2017 #SHRM #HR #401(k) Research: employers have green light to push the envelope on default savings rates…. https://goo.gl/mCESYX 11/16/2017: #SHRM #HR #401(k) #plansponsor one tax proposal streamlines some DB and DC rules http://ow.ly/LbBp30gvSJU 11/20/2017:#millenials doing OK, two-thirds saving for 401k #retirement #SHRM #HR ow.ly/C6Sv30gGoHm fb.me/BFlJVaIU 11/28/2017 #SHRM #HR #Fiduciary Most Common #401kFund Lineup Mistakes ow.ly/R5oK30gyPJJ 11/29/2017 #401k account holders want more #investingfee info #hiddenfees #Fiduciary #SHRM #HR#PlanSponsor #retirement ow.ly/yFSh30gG0fw 11/30/2017 #401k #planponsors must address & educate for #retirement #RMD req min distributions. ow.ly/qz3130gG2qY 12/5/2017 Senate passes tax reform bill that impacts #HRbenefits. But which ones? A #SHRM article explores the just-passed bill’s impact on benefits. #401k #retirementplan #403b#Fiduciary ow.ly/OHDf30h0TiM Other dates: A new paradigm for small 401(k). It’s NOT a foregone conclusion that small 401(k) plans must be overburdened with fees – in fact – they can even have competitive fees and improved in quality at the same time.https://goo.gl/fqC9Dr Is Voya your 401(k) record-keeper? – see article on law suit https://goo.gl/EJxcr8 or any insurance/brokerage company? – see us and we’ll show you exactly what you are paying for each 401(k) plan element. We’ll give you our opinion on the fund lineup. The story of attorney of Jerry Schlichter fighting 401k abuse by insurance... read more

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