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Deliverables Team for Individuals/Couples

Why do we go to the trouble of being so comprehensive? Consider our

“IAAT” – “It’s All About Them”.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we carefully manage our clients’ liquid assets. We operate in a rarified zone of high standards of fiduciary care. Intelligent diversified exposure to risk wins long term.

However, if something falls apart in another area of your financial life, it could have a devastating impact on the probability that you achieve the goals on your Road Map despite our best efforts in asset management. That’s not good enough for us. We’re passionate about giving you the highest probability of achieving your goals. It’s all about you!

OWA has created systems and processes that allow us to cost effectively coordinate a comprehensive approach. It requires a collaborative team of subject matter experts which we often refer to as the Deliverables Team. No individual can be a subject matter expert across more than one discipline. Most experts are not qualified to be the orchestrator of the team.

O’Reilly Wealth Advisors works closely selecting and overseeing our “Deliverable Team” activities on your behalf. Comprehensive Wealth Management consists of financial planning, investing, insurance, tax, estate planning and issues that cut across all five of those disciplines at once.

There are many benefits of this comprehensive out-sourced approach.

Each expert eats lives and breathes – and is passionate about their specialty. Their businesses run well, they have outstanding customer service and they really enjoy the collaborative team work.
We can choose the best deliverable team members and our back-ups are just as good.
If OWA kept a directly hired staff of experts it would be difficult to give them the right amount of work, and they would solely dependent upon the work we brought to them. Our overhead costs would be very high. Being nimble allows us to offer comprehensive solutions in the same ballpark that most advisors charge for asset management only.
Checks and Balances:
Groupthink is dangerous. By working with independent experts in each field, collaboratively, we benefit from each other’s opinions, and each expert has a loyalty to you, the client. Checks and balances are critical for reducing the chance of a big mistake. Sometimes, a unique solution is created, coming from the collective wisdom of the team. Better solutions and greater safety at the same time. Think of championship athletic teams with great team work.
Service Enhancement:
As of early 2010, we added well known college expert Lynn O’Shaughnessy as our independent college consultant. This is huge for our clients with high school age or younger children. We saw a gap, we filled it. This service is included once every two years to our mid and large clients. We are very pleased that our business model and independence allows for these types of enhancements!
We boil down the Deliverables Team advice into a very easy “to do list” which we call the “Implementation Plan”. You’re busy. You just need to know, “what do I need to do next!” We make that easy to implement so that you can focus on the most important areas of your life.
Deliverables Team Referrals:
We give referrals to the various experts on our team regularly even if you are not a client of OWA. Please contact us. We may want to ask a few questions about what you’re looking for, so that we give you the right referral. We know that some individuals are “do-it-yourselfers” and want to be their own project manager. We understand and respect that.