Is Bitcoin a bubble?

According to author John Waggoner in his article at Investment News, click here, it is indeed a bubble. He article begins:

Some investors have raised the question: “Is bitcoin a bubble?” This is somewhat like asking whether Taylor Swift makes records, or Kim Jong Un likes rockets. But let’s look over the evidence.

Before you go to the article – a few observations. Obviously many people have done well with Bitcoin if they bought in at the right time and then sold. If they are still holding Bitcoin, then all bets are off – it’s only a “win” when completed (sold)! Also keep this in mind. What matters is a string of wins, so that your wins compound. Wealth comes from compounding over many years, not one win over 4 months. You make no money in-between small wins and you sometimes lose money. Many of you attempts at winning end up losing – when you’re chasing fads.

If you’re holding Bitcoin – get out now and invest cleverly in an index or evidence based investing fund.


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