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Service Model Diagram

In benchmarking today’s financial services industry , it’s easy to see that it has fallen far short. OWA was designed from the ground up to eliminate these shortcomings. Our processes give our clients the highest probability of achieving their tangible goals and experiencing their values documented on their Financial Road Maps.

First, in the Financial Road Map meeting, we document our clients’ vision.

Second, we develop a comprehensive financial strategy which we immediately begin executing in the Implementation Meeting. Finally we have ongoing progress meetings to stay on track.

See our diagram to learn more about the O’Reilly Wealth Advisors process for our World Class service tier.

Financial Road Map Meeting

In this approximately 1 ½ hour meeting (that includes both spouses if you are married) we document your tangible financial goals and most importantly, the meaning behind each goal. With that crucial information guiding us, we look at your financial documents and establish your current financial situation.

This information, placed on the Financial Road Map document your vision in a powerful positive way. This meeting is at no obligation, and at the end of the meeting, we determine if we are a fit to each other or not. If we agree to work together, we collect a fee to create your first written financial game plan. (No fee for money management only service.)

Implementation Meeting

About 3 to 4 weeks after the Road Map meeting we meet again to implement the first several high priority actions. We will explain what needs to be done and why, and have the necessary paperwork available for you to sign.

Ongoing Progress Meetings

In each progress meeting we briefly review your core values discovered in the Financial Road Map Meeting. Depending on which service level you are in, we will meet 1 to 3 times per year to continue implementing your plan, monitor progress and adjust for changes in your situation. We will review your “financial moving parts” against our financial master checklist over a year’s cycle to make sure everything is being addressed.

On an as-needed basis we will review and update your financial plan and take action as necessary to keep on track.

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