Small Stocks Surge at end of 2016 – DFA Article

Diversification is a topic I write about constantly as it is one of the keys to long term investment success. Closely related is discipline. The discipline to stick with smart investing techniques like diversification despite constant temptation to deviate from it.

The stock markets are continuously “surprising” us.  Small stocks are of particular interest – and given the persistent (over time) and pervasive (around the world) out-performance of Small Cap stocks over Large Cap stocks – we slightly overweight Small Cap stock in out clients’ portfolios.

The enclosed article by Dimensional Fund Advisors titled “A Vote for Small Cap Stocks?” covers the “surprise” of small cap stocks great perofrmance in November 2016. DFA used the Russell 1000 (large) and Russell 2000 (small) to make the comparison.

2016 Through October: Large: 5.82%  Small: 6.16%

2016 Through November: Large: 9.99%  Small: 18.00%

The positive difference of small cap stocks outperforming large cap stocks in CY 2016 went from less than 1% to a little more than 8% in just one month. Points: 1) Always be diversified and 2) The benefits of Small Cap outperforming Large Cap can come and go very quickly.

I want to point out that this is not a political statement! Just an observation. And you can bet on more surprises – up and down – no matter who is in office – which is exactly the point here. As much as political partisans on all sides would like to claim that their candidate and ideals are best for stock market movement – it’s very difficult to prove. And often there are trade-offs – for example though small caps did well recently coinciding with the election – the high-flying emerging market stocks have dropped from their heights earlier in the year.

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